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China's new nuclear facility intrusion detection device has been successfully developed internationally
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Bank of China bill violations reproduce the big case! According to media reports, Guangfa Bank was caught in a bill risk incident, and the funds of Guangfa Bank were misappropriated into the stock market by the intermediary of the bill, which eventually became a risk event due to the break of the capital chain. The amount involved is about 930 million yuan, and about 520 million yuan has been recovered.
The 4th "China-UK Ministerial Energy Dialogue" was held in London, England from October 18th to 21st. The China Hydropower Corporation's Hydropower General Hospital and the British Renewable Energy Office jointly signed the "China-UK Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation Steering Committee Cooperation. protocol".

The dialogue between China's National Energy Administration and the UK's Ministry of Energy and Climate has renewed a memorandum of understanding on energy cooperation. Relevant enterprises and institutions have signed five cooperation agreements in the fields of offshore wind power and civil nuclear power. At a time when China-UK diplomatic relations entered a golden age, the energy dialogue pushed the cooperation in the energy field between the two countries to a new climax.

The dialogue was jointly hosted by the National Energy Administration of China and the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. The delegation participated in four sub-forums of energy reform, nuclear energy, wind power and new energy technologies. At the offshore wind power sub-forum, Deputy Director Zhu Ming of the New Energy Department of the National Energy Administration and Michael Luther, Director of the Clean Energy Division of the UK Energy and Climate Department, delivered a speech. Vice President Yi Yuechun of the General Hospital of Hydropower made a keynote speech, detailing the development trend of China's offshore wind power and the trend, opportunities and challenges of cost reduction.

The two sides jointly established the Sino-British Offshore Wind Power Industry Cooperation Steering Committee. In the next step, the two sides will, under the guidance of the energy authorities of the two countries, use the cooperation agreement as the framework to accelerate the development of the wind power industry and comprehensively and pragmatically promote the cooperation between China and the UK on offshore wind power industry. And open huge investment opportunities for the industry.
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